Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Certain Moment

Okay, so being a junior sucks at the end of the year. At my school, we have to do a Decades Project, where we make a half-hour, memorized presentation about a certain decade or presidential administration. It's just what every kid wants, a huge project at the end of the year, plus two finals!! Yay! But it shouldn't be too bad. And then I get to go look at colleges...Exciting! Any suggestions for a history/theater kid?

What's the difference between honor and reputation? Which is more important?

The world is an unfair, unbalanced place. Society makes the rich richer and keeps the poor poor. There is no peace, only pauses between war. War is easy. You don't have to truly understand a people to fight them. You just send your young men to kill their young men. Sometimes not even that. You push a button and it kills their young men and demolishes their buildings. War is the failure of people to listen and understand. War is the ultimate cliche.

A certain moment
Occasionally well-defined
More often vague and hard to place
Effects a change
In behavior
Mood, outlook, life
A path is charted for those
Who know where the landmarks are
Others find nothing but ashes
But you know where to look
To see the shinning beacon,
Hanging from the ceiling
This moment will be long
While you continue to live,
Subtly shaped by it
Insignificance grown to purpose

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a thinker said...

Cliche, yes. Necesary, also yes. There is no peace without war. We cannot appriciate what it means to live in peace an harmony without first having suffered through the turmoil and chaos of battle. Not to mention, some of us enjoy that rush of adrenaline.