Thursday, February 24, 2011

Credo in Unum...

It is very difficult, at least for me, to state what I believe. I know what I believe when confronted with an opposing view point, but when asked to present my credo, I come up short. I think that is a problem that holds true across humanity. It's a lot easier to be against a set of ideas than it is to stand for something. I can say I am against violence. My school is against strapless shirts. The United States is against terrorism. But it is much more difficult to stand for things. Very rarely will an organization come out with a list of things they believe and will fight for. Rather, it is more often a list of things to fight against. To oppose, rather than champion.

I believe that is is never right to kill anyone, ever. I believe that one should not judge others. One should be helpful whenever possible, and at least courteous when you can't. If you have the power to help others, you should help others. if you see a job, and know how to do it, do it. I believe that government's purpose is to protect and serve it's people. Science and religion are both important, they aren't opposites, and they aren't enemies. It is possible to understand, you just have to listen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Recent Reading

So recently I finished two wonderful, and entirely unrelated, books: Fool by Christopher Moore and The First Jesuits by John W. O'Malley. One is a raunchy take on King Lear, the other is a history of the founding of the Society of Jesus. Polar opposites. But both worth discussing.
Delightfully funny (I've been told it's even more so if one actually reads King Lear), this book interested me for two reasons. One, there is a warning attached. Any book with a warning is worth reading simply because someone thinks it's dangerous/inappropriate/roll-on-the-floor-laughing hilarious. This one definitely falls into all three categories. An excellent example of witty, historical humor. I highly suggest it.
The First Jesuits
Of a very different tone, this book does a similarly excellent in it's area: history. The author brings together a wealth of information into a, relatively, concise book that details the founding and first few years of the Jesuits. I enjoyed it because it was a narrative history, that got across facts and provided a broad vision of the events, while still managing to be entertaining, at least for me. I would recommend this book, but only if you actually enjoy history. If not, please see the previous section.

To err is human, but to really f*ck things up requires a computer – Law of Unreliability

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Within Reason...

Can't write at the moment. No idea why. A list:

Techie’s Does and Don’ts

* Safety first. ALWAYS!
* Always clean up!
* Respect everyone. That includes the actors.
* If you don’t have a job, ask for one.
* Don’t know how to do a job, ask for help.
* Have a good idea, tell the PSM. But at a good time, please.
* Show up to call on-time and ready to work.
* Do what you’re asked. Within reason…
* IF you are going to be here, work!
* If you have a problem, bring it to the Tech Director or PSM.

Common Sense is…

* If you see something that needs doing, and know how to do it correctly, do it.
* If you finish your job, ask for another or help someone else.
* If you see someone who needs help, help them
* Come prepared. Wear the right clothes. (No open-toed shoes.)
* Always wear eye protection when cutting. ALWAYS!
* Don’t throw food, drinks, or sawdust in the wood dumpster.
* Don’t touch the boards if you don’t how to use them.
* Anything else you know you should be doing…

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Status Update

If we have no fear
We do not live
It gives us meaning
And drives us onward