Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Show Time

There is something wonderful about seeing information from your classes come into play in your life. The fact that school is applicable to life still blows my mind a lot of the time. I am currently enrolled in a Stage Management class and part of today's discussion revolved around how to run auditions. Which is a bit uncanny, considering that there are three shows currently holding auditions on campus. Coincidence? Who knows. One of the most important things we discussed was that auditions should run smoothly. Actually everything should run smoothly, but auditions are particularly important because they are the moment you introduce your show to the world and can set the tone for the entire process. As I sit here, in the basement, waiting with actors to be called, I am enjoying watching smoothness in action. The stage manager for this show has an impeccably well-designed system that just flows effortlessly. (Well, not effortlessly, but it's well-oiled as anything.) It's definitely a plus for education.

And of course, a theater joke for a theater post:

When there is a really sneaky set or costume change, the audience is like:

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