Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Simon 2

He couldn’t bear it. One more day of this torture would drive him over edge. Matthew did not think he could stand to sit in this muddy, hell pit. He just had to get out of here. But how could he? He could just leave, walk away from it all. No, they would catch him before he left the front trench. There was another way. A more permanent way out. “Germans! Battle stations!”
Matthew peeked his head above the lip of the trench, praying he didn’t get shot doing it. Thousands of German troops were pouring out of their trenches, charging straight at him. Or at least it seemed like they were all heading for him. He had to get out of here, back to his unit. But that entailed a hundred-yard dash through hell, with only a small dirt wall between the german bullets and his head. He had to do it.
It was the longest run of his life. Matthew dipped and dodged, slamming into the sides of the trench at every turn. As he reached the final turn a shell landed in front of his feet. Mathew dived over it into the nearest dugout. He made it just as the shell exploded, spraying burning shrapnel into the dirt wall of the trench. The sound blast from the explosion did more damage than the metal itself. Matthew only heard the first second of the blast, before he lost consciousness.

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