Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Simon 5

“That was a wonderful service,” Simon said.
“Yeah, it was,” Matthew replied. A truck whizzed past them, traveling to the rear. They were sitting in a back up of traffic a mile long. “So, what are you going to about Amanda?”
“I think I’m going to let her go. I can find a better girl than that… thing.”
“That sounds like a good idea.”
“Yeah.” Suddenly the car three places up exploded into a fireball. It took a second for everyone to assimilate the fact that they were under attack, men began pouring out of their vehicles. Another truck exploded, spraying metal shards into the few men yet to exit it. Simon rolled into a ditch, coming up right next to Matthew. Shells started bursting more quickly now, like iron rain. A man was stuck in the middle of the road, screaming in pain. He had his left leg torn off. He was holding in his guts with one hand, trying to crawl out of the line of fire with the other. Simon leapt up, and started to the injured man. “Simon, get back here!” Matthew cried.
Simon reached the injured man and began to drag him to safety. A shell struck the ground a few meters behind Simon, spraying his legs in shrapnel. Even in his pain Simon continued pulling the man toward the ditch. Another soldier sprang up from the ditch and began helping Simon. And another, and another. Eventually they got the injured man into the ditch. Matthew rushed over to Simon, and looked over his legs. By this time Simon had stopped moving. Matthew checked his pulse, nothing. And the world stopped. And Matthew screamed. And it all ended.

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