Monday, May 17, 2010

A Few More Lines

Well, once again, it is time for a few writing snippets. First one is from my European Govt paper. The second is me writing for kicks. And the third, as of right now, has not been formed.
The Frankish kingdom came into being after the Battle of Soissons in 486 A.D.. The Frankish king, Clovis, effectively took control of the Roman province of Gaul, established the Merovigian dynasty, and began to incorporate the remnants of Roman traditional government (Dictionary of the Middle Ages 8:277). These traditions included Roman taxation and administration. Clovis also cultivated the image of himself as a defender of Roman traditions and culture (Dictionary of the Middle Ages 8:277) In 498 A.D. Clovis was baptised into orthodox Christianity and received imperial recognition in 507 A.D. This event was one of the defining moments in the relation between Church and state in Europe because for the first time, a secular leader used the Christan faith as a means to enhance his image and solidify his control. This control didn't last long, however.

She sat alone in her library, curled up on the black leather couch, reading her book. Outside the long, glass window that covered one wall, the storm raged. Rain beat against the panes and lightning bolts flashed above the far-off hills. Thunder crashed, and she huddled closer into the couch's welcoming arms. Here, surrounded by walls of books, she knew she was safe. Behind her, a huge fire roared, providing that bit of comfort she desperately needed. After the storm had continued for a while, the door swung wide and a man entered. He walked to her and placed a mug of hot chocolate on the table next to her. She smiled up at him. He went over to one of the shelves, pulled down a beautiful hardcover and sat down next to her. They read together for a long while.

Oh gravity thou art a heartless bitch
Always pulling down those who wish to soar
We ask and pray that we may have strength
But for what
You are the law and there is no way
To best you
We must learn to live with you
Or we may perish

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a thinker said...

Can you bring in a copy of the whole Euro Govt. paper? and I love what you did with the library. Very clever.