Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Anti-Statistic

Recently, my friend wrote an interesting piece that asked this simple question, "What do you do so that the numbers no longer apply to you?" And it is that question that really struck me. Everyone is part of a statistic, if only as simple a one as living in this country or being born on this day. But we are each also an anti-statistic in that there is a part of us that goes against all of what society says is a normal. For me, a lot of me is nonconformist: I don't like sports, I'm not interested in celebrates, I don't like many things that society deems appropriate. But on a deeper level, when I look at my motivations, I find something that is equally different. When I look at what drives me, I like to think that I do not do things for wealth or fame, but rather for the feeling of accomplishment. For what I treasure most in life is seeing my work and ideas being used by others. I love sitting in the back of the room and watching life unfold, knowing that I helped make it possible, but not wanting any praise for it. So I guess in the end, I give you the same question, "What do you do so that the numbers no longer apply to you?"


a thinker said...

I am honored to be mentioned, if not by name, on here. It's funny, you are very much the realist arnt you?

Michelle said...

I'll leave you the same question I left "the thinker" -- what is it that you can do that no one else can do in quite the same way?

I'd say you are the foundation, both in what you often do and in your voice (baritones often add a hidden richness to a vocal piece...that you can't quite put your finger on).

A good question to ask!!