Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Jazz

It's nice to finally have some free time again, even if that free time comes at the cost of running lights and sound for the district's band night. Over the years I have enjoyed doing tech for the band and orchestra concerts more for the uninterrupted time to write than for the music itself (although that is a great perk!). Tonight every band from 5th grade to high school is playing.The wide range of wonderful music provides an inspiring mood for writing. This is the last band night I get to push buttons for, and the last one many of my friends get to perform in. In a year filled with final moments, this one is bittersweet. It's a welcome rest after two hectic weeks working on the show (which went great!) and is some good forced writing time. I should probably be writing a psych essay or an English paper, but that's a little too much work to do at the light board. So instead I've chosen to spend my time filling space with words. Lacking any coherent idea off what I want to say, this really seems to be going nowhere. Restart:

These final months of high school are incredibly bittersweet for me. There is the parade of finales. Calling my last show; working my last band night; singing my last chorus concert; and writing my final paper. Some of that can't come fast enough, and yet I want to linger over other moments. I'm spending more time at school, and that's not only because I'm trying to catch up on the myriad of missed  work from the last two weeks. I also have to lay out the advertisements for the yearbook and starting planning the Mr. Haverford pageant. Life never seems to slow down enough to allow me to reflect. So I'm taking the time now. Every change leaves you with mixed feelings, and right now I can't decide if I really am finished high school...

As always, 50 points if you can guess the reason behind the title.

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