Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freshman Reflection: Try Every Door

One of the most important things you can do as a freshman is to make friends with upperclassmen. Aside from just getting you into parties (which they will do), they are a great resource. They know which professors to seek out and avoid, where to get a cheap sandwich, how to get to the airport, and who to ask for the best deals on laundry. But most of all, they will be people who inspire you, whether artistically, academically, athletically, or personally. Here is some advice from some wise (and snarky) upperclassmen:

Never vomit on your RA. 
Try every door, eventually some will work. 
Talk to your professors. 
The moments outside the classroom are often more important than the ones inside it. Though the ones inside it are pretty cool too. 
Take advantage of the city you live in. 
Trolling random parties as a pack is never cool. By all means, do it for a few months. Then don’t.
Take a class that makes you say, “Wait, that’s a class?” They tend to be the most fun. 
Go to as many things that you get invited to on Facebook as you can. 
 It’s great if you’re best friends with your floor, but you don’t have to be. Try things that interest you and you’ll find so many people that want to know you! 
If you don’t enjoy your major, the classes in that major, or the people in those classes then you’re probably in the wrong major. 
It’s never too late to change your major. Find what you love doing, then get paid for it. 
This is your chance to make mistakes; make them and learn from them. 
Your approach to life should be “Yes! And?”—Say yes to everything that is legal and moral. Go outside of your comfort zone—you’ll never figure out your full potential if you don’t. 
Don’t decide you hate it here in the first month—give it at least a semester and a half. 
The initial transition can be a little rocky—but riding through it is worth it. 
It’s okay to let your group of friends change—you don’t have to marry your freshman floor friends. Find the people that share your passions and keep sharing your passions with them.

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