Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Jesuit Guide: Loving

Mark Thibodeaux writes, "Good Christians often worry about their sexual feelings. They are embarrassed and ashamed of them." Fr. Martin reminds us that sexuality is a great gift from God, and we should remember that these things are meant to be celebrated. God, being all powerful, all loving and whatnot, want us to be happy. And Martin looks at loving chastely as the best way to be happy. But "How can I love chastely?" St. Ignatius says that love shows itself more in deeds, so Fr. Martin gives five ways for us to love chastely: listen compassionately, be present, do something practical, love freely, and forgive. By doing these things, Martin believes that all people, not just celibate ones, can love more freely and better.

While reading this book, a profound experience in itself, I realized that some people around me love more freely then others. One of my friends (whose name is withheld for my safety) has some trouble "sharing" her boyfriend. She gets pretty possessive around him when it comes to other girls, and boys sometimes. When I talked to her about the Ignatian way of loving freely, she gave me this weird look, smiled, and kept talking. But a few days ago, when I asked her a question about her boyfriend, she said she was trying to "share him better" because of what I said. Contemplation in action. I think so...

The photo is from America Magazine.

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a thinker said...

Don't forget, people protect what they love the most more fiercely than other things.I mean, if another guy came up to your girl and tried to make a move, would you not defend her? Also, those who love freely take the risk that what they give may not be returned, or returned battered and torn. Be careful who and what you love.