Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Untitled, For Now...

Patience, it is often said
is a virtue. Lacked by many
who know little of
life. Wasted and swept away
by the tide. Of progress pushing
the world forward.

What are we to do if all we can do is look forward?
What are we to do if all we can do is fall behind?
What are we to do?

Sorry for trying to get deep. I'm sitting around my computer waiting for a DVD to finish burning and felt the need to spew something down. But now it just looks a bit preachy. Eh, it can stand. But junior year continues its inexorable grind onward, and we run or are swept underneath. Highlights: I got a new phone that doesn't turn itself off every two minutes. Christmas coming. SAT scores on Tuesday. A fun week ahead. Not looking forward to American Studies presentation or Calc test, but what are you gonna do? Well, sorry if this has been a complete waste of your time.

I'd rather read, come back later.
Her smile gave his life meaning.
If it's love, it is really?
It's been one of those days…

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a thinker said...

No writing is ever a waste of time. i hope your SAT scores are wonderful, which I have no doubt that they will be. I hope to show you my PSAT scores. They were well above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Saturday will be better, I promise.