Monday, June 13, 2011

Lonesome Travels

Often, some of best times for reflection can be found near the end of hectic times. The sudden release from overwhelming obligation gives one the ample time needed to consider things. I, the proud new owner of a Decades-less existence, have found myself without anything to do for the first time in weeks. It's an unexpected occurrence and I'm having trouble finding things to occupy my time. (That last bit's a lie; I'm currently an hour into a five hour rehearsal.) But with the chance to have a large chunk of time (mostly) my own, I figured it would be a good chance to fill my lonely blog with some more writing.


Never one to complain
He ran to and fro
Completing tasks
Filling roles, Saving the day
A cliche
An overachiever
A Misplaced sense of duty
Driving onward

He talks big, but doesn't speak
Of anything real
Lounges about
Overlooks all, attempting to direct
Those whom displease
A man
An underwhelming figure
Puzzled at a lack of respect
From those he covets most

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