Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teen Math

What is it about angsty teenagers that leads to poetry? I know it doesn't for most people, but for me, this year has been one filled with poetry. I'm not sure what it was about Junior year, which is over by-the-way, but it seemed to give me a lot of verse, and little prose. I guess it might have something to do with a lack of writing time, but hopefully this summer will see the return of a bit of substantial writing. Not that I mind poetry, mind you, but I do miss a bit of plot. I'm pretty excited for school to be over. I plan on enjoying my summer as much as possible. It promises to be an art-filled summer with lots of writing and photography. One nice thing about having a lot of artsy friends is it provides endless encouragement to continue doing some type of art, whether it be taking pictures of writing. But tonight is a night to relax and sleep. It is the first night of summer after all.

Teen + Angst = Poetry?

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Michelle said...

I look forward to reading and seeing what you do this summer!