Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Evening in the Orchard

This may be the last time I get any real rest for the next few days. Tomorrow, my mom's entire family will descend in force on my current retreat, my grandpa's wonderful house hidden away in the hills of southern California. There will be over 15 people living here by this time tomorrow and my current living space, a small trailer in the orchard, will have to be shared with my brother. Oh joy. It's nice to be disconnected from the world for a change. I must admit, I'm not totally of the grid (as this post certainly attests to. But I only check my email and Facebook once in the evening, and overall try to spend very little time online. It has been nice to just enjoy the pool, and the peace, and the satellite television. I should probably start working on some of my college essays and finish up my summer reading while I am here, but so far the willpower to do so has escaped me. Maybe the influx of people, and the anticipated denial of the T.V. that will surely come with it, will be enough to force me to write or read.

May your night bring you rest and your dreams, joy.

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