Sunday, July 15, 2012

Punny....So Punny

Midsummer's Night Reflection
(a.k.a. Poor Pun Playhouse)

As you may have noticed, there have been very few posts of late. On one level, I could ascribe that to a lack of time to write as I have been moderately busy. (See below) But that isn't entirely true. I've had plenty of time to write and just very little impetus to do so. When this happens with my school writing it usually means that I don't have enough information on a topic and I continue doing my research until I feel confident enough to dive in. But there is very little research one can do to help you when you are writing for one. So I am forced to wait. And think. And wait some more. Maybe eat a Klondike bar or something.

But today I finally felt like I could write something. As you may have noticed (taking a giant leap assuming more than one of actually follows this with anything approaching regularity), over the past few years I've transitioned from reflections and small fiction to poetry. One reason for this is my discovery that it's a lot easier to write about things when you can be confident no one else will figure out what the hell you mean by "Flitting spirits coalesce/Brought together for/A common task, completed/Pass through the gates/And out into the sun." But also, I find that expression with the economy of words that poetry allows fits me well.

So, all this reflection? Isn't there going to be any writing associated with this? Maybe. Or maybe this is the writing and you've been horribly tricked. Who knows?

Moderately Busy: So this summer I managed to swing an internship with Since they recently downsized after running out of money, there is a lot of work for me to do. At the moment I am working on 7 different stories for the Back-to-School supplement coming out in late August. It's only three days a week, so I'm not all that busy.

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