Monday, February 14, 2011

Recent Reading

So recently I finished two wonderful, and entirely unrelated, books: Fool by Christopher Moore and The First Jesuits by John W. O'Malley. One is a raunchy take on King Lear, the other is a history of the founding of the Society of Jesus. Polar opposites. But both worth discussing.
Delightfully funny (I've been told it's even more so if one actually reads King Lear), this book interested me for two reasons. One, there is a warning attached. Any book with a warning is worth reading simply because someone thinks it's dangerous/inappropriate/roll-on-the-floor-laughing hilarious. This one definitely falls into all three categories. An excellent example of witty, historical humor. I highly suggest it.
The First Jesuits
Of a very different tone, this book does a similarly excellent in it's area: history. The author brings together a wealth of information into a, relatively, concise book that details the founding and first few years of the Jesuits. I enjoyed it because it was a narrative history, that got across facts and provided a broad vision of the events, while still managing to be entertaining, at least for me. I would recommend this book, but only if you actually enjoy history. If not, please see the previous section.

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