Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Within Reason...

Can't write at the moment. No idea why. A list:

Techie’s Does and Don’ts

* Safety first. ALWAYS!
* Always clean up!
* Respect everyone. That includes the actors.
* If you don’t have a job, ask for one.
* Don’t know how to do a job, ask for help.
* Have a good idea, tell the PSM. But at a good time, please.
* Show up to call on-time and ready to work.
* Do what you’re asked. Within reason…
* IF you are going to be here, work!
* If you have a problem, bring it to the Tech Director or PSM.

Common Sense is…

* If you see something that needs doing, and know how to do it correctly, do it.
* If you finish your job, ask for another or help someone else.
* If you see someone who needs help, help them
* Come prepared. Wear the right clothes. (No open-toed shoes.)
* Always wear eye protection when cutting. ALWAYS!
* Don’t throw food, drinks, or sawdust in the wood dumpster.
* Don’t touch the boards if you don’t how to use them.
* Anything else you know you should be doing…

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