Friday, July 22, 2011

Or Both

The problem with looking back, he decided, was that you tended to see more than you wanted. He hated his past. Constantly haunted by one bad decision or another, he never stopped moving. Trying to run from something he knew he had messed up. The trouble was, he always ran way too far. By the time he stopped and took a look back, he realized that for one reason or another, he still was not in the right place. He hoped this time would be different. The plane ride had been long, he was tired, and before he could stop and look around, he needed to sleep. For a long time. The escape had drained him. Utterly exhausting, these past three days had been. One of these days he was going to see a trainer. Or a shrink. Or both. But that thought died before his foot hit the tarmac. Too much effort involved. Not really, but that's what he liked to tell himself. It saved him the effort of having to actually do it. And, more importantly, it saved him from having to deal seriously with whatever he was running from that particular week.

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