Saturday, December 19, 2009

Be Faithful in Small Things...

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies" -Mother Theresa

So Christmas is fast approaching and I am currently snowed in with nothing to do. So I thought, why not write. Be faithful in small things because it is them that your strength lies. For me, this message is of profound importance. I do not have any great visible skills. I'm not great at sports, at art. I don't play an instrument or star in the play. What I tend to do is less noticeable. And it is because of this that I find this message so profound. My strength does not lie in the large, visible things that are so valued in our world. It lies in the small things. And so every time I go off to do something, knowing that I will probably not be rewarded or noticed, I think of this quote. And with that, I am able to continue onward.

This message can also be applied to the wider world. As a people, if we can focus on the small things that make us up instead of the huge people we try to be, we might be able to be more successful. For as humans, we are all crafted through our experiences. The small things that define us. And it is in them that all our strength lies.

strength |stre ng (k)θ; strenθ|
1) the quality or state of being strong


Michelle said...

Ahh....but I think that your strengths are of value! Read Mom here: Where your strength lies...

artandsoul said...

I recently took a survey of spiritual gifts, and found out that one of mine is "Intercession."

It was an interesting and comforting insight. I actually DO pray for people all the time, it comes naturally to me. For many years I thought that I was just lazy. Because I wasn't doing more.

I think this goes along with your thoughts about your own gifts. And certainly it makes sense with what Mother Theresa was saying.

Intercession as a gift may seem small. It has to me. And yet, it is something that I do well and do often.

And, now that I know it is a gift I feel slightly different about it. More reverent or grateful or something.


Good blog, btw.