Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We do not Exist for Ourselves...

"We do not exist for ourselves." - Thomas Merton

Okay. I know what you're all going to say: This is so cheesy. Well, so what. I find this idea elegant in it's simplicity. We do not exist for ourselves. How true. From the first moment of our lives we serve a higher purpose. As humans, we have the unique ability to choose from many paths where we want our lives to lead. I often find myself, as I'm sitting around with my friends, wondering what they will do with their lives. For some of them it is easy; the Dan is going to be a chemist. (He's got it all planned out.) But for others it is more challenging; I can't tell you what Allie is going to be. But through all of them I see one pattern. They are going to live to serve others. And that it what we are meant for, to serve others through our gifts. Try it, just once as we move into this season of giving, use your gifts to help someone else.

exist |igĖˆzist|
verb [ intrans. ]
1) have objective reality or being

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Michelle said...

Women and men for others! Nice post, Mike!