Monday, June 14, 2010

A Centering Experience

Every day (or every other day) I try to start may morning at school praying morning prayer from the Daily Office. I sit on the floor of the hallway, leaning up against a wall, and pull my Book of Hours out of my bag. I spend a few minutes in prayer, oblivious to the the world around me. It is a very centering experience, and I find my day goes better when I get a chance to pray it. Praying the Daily Office has a long history within the Catholic Church, stemming from Jewish traditions of daily prayer. Early in the morning, sitting up against the dirty school wall, it is a very peaceful, reflective experience. I suggest people try to do something similar to start their day, it might make the day a little easier to deal with.

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Michelle said...

My day goes better when I start it that way, too!