Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh, The Blisters

Home at last! I have returned from a weekend camping adventure with two of my friends a few other people. It was very intense. We had a five hour rafting trip that left me soaking wet and blistered. But it was worth it. Later, as I was laying in the hammock, relaxing, I got beaned in the head by a rock. I have a very nice cut on my forehead now to prove it!
On an other note, my messed up teenage life. I've been talking with my ex-girlfriend and we got talking about these guys she's into. Was it weird? You bet! But that's life. And it's not as awkward as it should be. But it's pretty odd. Just overall having an interesting time. Well, back to watching senseless TV on the Internet.


Michelle said...

Oh...I love the Latin!!

a thinker said...

My Friend, if it was as akward as it should be, you and I would never look each other in the eye. LOL. And I only bring it up cause you ask! ;)

Vashta Narada said...

I certainly wish my relationship with Jankins was that awkward.
Wow, sarcasm. How original.