Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Twenty Six

We stand mute, unmoving
On a corner in Boston
The whole world packed onto the sidewalk
Wanting to reach out
Wanting to help
Yet we remain trapped behind pixel walls
We keep looking at pictures. Trying to make it real.
But it isn't.

Yet there they go
Running on, into the fire
Those whose capacity to meet a challenge
May well be limitless.
There are still so many heroes.
Tears of joy and grief mix
For humanity torn and affirmed
In a single tragic moment

At moments like these
Words stand empty.
But love abounds

Oh God…"like these"
There can not be moments like these
We can not let them be so common place
So ordinary that they get "these"

At this moment
Words stand empty.
But love abounds

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Allie Van Dine said...

This is beautiful, Mike--thank you :)